For ultrasound examination

 To prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually  transmitted diseases

 Regulatory Compliance

 Technical Conditions 

 ТУ 9398-087-00149498-2006

 GOST 4645-81


 Natural latex

 Natural latex


 Electronically tested,

 without lubrication, low level of  proteins and allergens, low-  powdered, easy to put on a sensor,  unsliding, unfolding

 Electronically tested,

 lubricated, classical  nipple-ended, available in assortment:  classic, ultra thin, extra strength, flavored with natural oils  and odors: mint, rose, lavender, orange, raspberry,  strawberry, barberry.

 Individually sealed package has a notch, allowing it to open  effortlessly.

 Width, mm

 0,05 - 0,09


 Length, mm

 no less 190

 width 40-44


 Guaranteed  Shelf  Life

 5 years

 3 years


 100 pcs in showbox, 3000 pcs in  corrugated box

 200 pcs in showbox, 4800 pcs in carton

 50 sets of 3 pieces in showbox, 1200 sets in corrugated  box

 Protective Features:



 Reliable protection against  unwanted pregnancy, from STDs,  as well as an effective means of  AIDS prevention